Making connections: PAV i.t. appointed partner of Commvault's 
acclaimed CASP programme 

Sharing knowledge, expertise and best practice is an essential tool when it comes to fighting cyber crime and keeping your company safe online. We are always on hand to help our customers, and potential new clients, get the best out of their hardware and software, by drawing on our expert knowledge. Equally, we are always keen to expand our knowledge base and expertise and that is why we have been supporting backup software vendor Commvault, and we were delighted to have recently been named a partner of its special CASP programme. Here we explain what this exciting new partnership means.

What is CASP?

CASP is the Commvault Authorized Support Partner (CASP) programme. Firms, such as PAV i.t., are carefully selected before joining the scheme and through it they provide essential support services to Commvault customers.

These include a 24/7 software help desk, on-site health checks, improved call handling efficiencies, reduced communication delays and quicker resolution times.

As an American-based company Commvault works globally, but through the CASP programme its selected partner firms are able to support its customers from a local base, in their local language.

There are two elements of support under the CASP programme:
•    CASP-B: 5x12 business hour support as provided by the partner. Within these hours the partner firm can consult with Commvault where needed. 
•    CASP-E: Provides the same support but on a 24x7x365 basis 

How it helps our customers

Commvault is one of the world's leading backup software vendors. In essence it takes care of a company's data by filing and storing it safely virtually, through a system such as a cloud.

The process, and terminology involved, in organising virtual back ups can be complicated and confusing for those outside of the IT profession, so Commvault provides an all-encompassing solution, taking care of everything for clients.

At PAV i.t. we have been installing and supporting Commvault solutions since 2000 and through this have developed our own expert knowledge of the software. Our expertise has now been recognised with us becoming a member of the CASP programme. 

For our customers this means even further peace of mind that their back up services are in the safe hands of our expert team.

Back up – the backbone of your business

Keeping a record of your data and storing it safely and securely is hugely important. The world of IT can be unpredictable, with the threat of failing hard drives, cyber attacks and viruses putting your data at risk.

Backing up your data, which in today's digital world is an extremely valuable commodity, protects it from such threats and ensures the safety of your records, files and financial transactions. 

Through systems like Commvault, servers containing vital data and backups become virtual – based online on a system such as a cloud, rather than in a physical hard drive. Alongside the safety benefits, such systems can also save a company money while providing greater flexibility.

If you think your backup system needs an overhaul, or to find out more about Commvault and CASP contact us here.

Author: Jason Fry, Managing Director at PAV i.t. services


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