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The move to the cloud is one of the largest mega-trends in IT today. According to new data from Forrester Consulting, cloud-based email is set to grow from 22% to 47% in the next 12 months. But once you move to the cloud, your perspective on security could change. What’s your security plan when you
By Scott Tyson, Managing Director, EMEA, Auvik Networks So you’ve woken up, poured your coffee, hopped in the car, and arrived at work on time. You’re off to a good start. But if you log onto your computer and discover you can’t connect to the internet, your day quickly becomes a nightmare. If a problem
Happy new year everyone! New years’ resolutions aren’t just about 3-week gym memberships or short-lived calorie cutbacks. As we’re all aware, they apply in the world of business too – only they tend to have more longevity and accountability to them than our personal goals unfortunately do. So with 2019 in its infancy, you know

IT’s About Time…. to party!

It’s that wonderful time of year, and at PAV we’re already donning the Christmas jumpers in the office and put forward our most dubious of dubious karaoke skills to Chris Rea and others at the party. As it’s the season of excess, we’ve also had a think about some food for thought from the year
More than ever in the age of ransomware, malware, botnets, hacking, phishing, lost USB sticks, and many more threats, IT departments cannot afford to switch off for one moment when protecting the company’s data, intellectual property and workforce – its crown jewels. It’s also worth noting that these threats do not all emanate from remote