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More than ever in the age of ransomware, malware, botnets, hacking, phishing, lost USB sticks, and many more threats, IT departments cannot afford to switch off for one moment when protecting the company’s data, intellectual property and workforce – its crown jewels. It’s also worth noting that these threats do not all emanate from remote
Guest blog by Nigel Tozer, Solutions Marketing Director EMEA at Commvault. The ‘noise’ generated by today’s IT more damaging than you think. I’m not talking datacentre racks, fans and cooling here, I’m talking about the sheer amount of data that software and management systems throw at you these days, and importantly the actions that are driven
More specifically, IT’s About Time for your IT department to get enough breathing space to think strategically and offer true value to the business. In our “IT’s About Time” series, we’re blogging about some of the key problems modern IT departments are facing, and the day-to-day realities these mean for IT managers and directors working

From Firefighters to Ghostbusters

Back in 1988 IT used to be so simple – well okay, not simple, but controllable and to some extent predictable at the very least. There were servers, secure networks, desks, offices, people, buildings, cables, locked rooms, and so on – all solid, predictable and static. IT knew where things were, if and where the
PAV IT Services is celebrating its 30th birthday! To celebrate we’re having a quick look back at how the world has evolved in those three decades, the changes we’ve experienced as a business, and our plans for the future that are designed with our customers at the front and centre. From Reagan and Thatcher to cloud and